Sheetal Sharma in the top ten of ‘My Voice Cup USA Season 2’

Singer Sheetal Sharma has entered the top 10 of the singing reality show ‘My Voice Cup USA Season 2’. She has reached the top 10 in the show which is being broadcast every Friday and Saturday on Galaxy Four K Television. She has appealed to make herself the winner of the title.

Public can vote for her by downloading the Intra Foundation app and going to My Voice Cup Season Two. Sharma, who is living in America, came to Nepal on June 6 for the show. Total 12 contestants from America came to Nepal under the organization of Intra Foundation and Nepal Chapter.
She has been active in the music industry for a long time. She has sung a few songs before, especially in America, she gives performances in music programs. The finale of the show will be held in America. For that, Sharma is scheduled to return to America in August.

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