Lalitpur 2 Representative Assembly candidate Dr. Sudin Shakya’s house to house program with the stick election symbol …..

Sudin Shakya, a dentist who has become a representative candidate from Lalitpur 2 with the stick election symbol in the elections to be held on November 20, is currently engaged in house-to-house activities. Wide public participation was also seen in his program.

His election agenda includes good governance, improvement of the health sector, drinking water, pollution control, heritage protection, tourism, etc.
He says that if health treatment can be arranged in an accessible manner to the citizens, many of the current ills will disappear by themselves. So he has planned to establish four well-equipped urban health centers in Lalitpur 2. Likewise, he has a plan to establish ‘Lalitpur Region No. 2 MP Health Services Akshaya Fund’.

After all, what is his full introduction?

Shakya, who was born in the year of B.S. 2033 in Talachen Nagwal of Lalitpur, is a famous person not only in Nepal but also abroad. His eagerness to help others has earned him this fame. After passing SLC from Arani Secondary School Khumaltar in 2048, he was admitted to Askal Campus in 2049. After completing his I.Sc from Askal Campus, he started his studies in the field of medicine.While studying at South Western University, Cebu City, Philippines, he played a leading role in solving the health and immigration problems of Nepali and other foreign students there. Therefore, he was also given the Best Foreign Student Award at the Southwestern University Cebu City Philippines convocation in 2001.He was also given the Best Foreign Student Award.
He started working at the National Dental Hospital after returning to Nepal in 2001 after receiving his dental degree. At this time he also joined the Rotary Club of Patan South. Soon after, he was given the responsibility of Field Coordinator of Nepal Oral Health Awareness Program. After this, he continued to spread oral health and oral health awareness in various schools and communities across the country.

He has served as the President of Rotary Club of Patan South. He has also been a council member of the Asia Pacific Dental Federation for the past eight years.
Shakya says, “For 22 years, I have done various jobs. Seeing the current state of the country, I could not be happy only in profession, business and social service. Change is everyone’s common agenda. And politics plays the main role for the overall change of the country. That’s why I participated in the election.

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