Chemical fertilizers are coming in full swing, one and a half lakh metric tons were imported in 4 months

During the 4 months of the current fiscal year 2079/80, 130,000 metric tons of chemical fertilizers have been imported. Agricultural materials company alone has brought more than 130,000 chemical fertilizers during the 4 months of the current financial year. Along with this, the farmers who have been suffering from lack of chemical fertilizers for a long time now have started getting fertilizers easily.

Managing Director Rajendra Karki informed that the company has brought DAP and Urea to the same amount of fertilizer. He said that there is no shortage of chemical fertilizers in the market as in previous years as they have been coming in full force since July. The company currently has 22,500 metric tons of DAP fertilizer in stock. Similarly, Karki says that 3 thousand 500 metric tons of potash is available. Apart from this, 2 thousand 500 metric tons of fertilizers are coming, the company said.”2500 metric tons of urea fertilizer is coming,” Karki said – “Due to the election, the fertilizer could not be brought. Karki said that the urea fertilizer, which is going to be brought through the global tender, has also started arriving in a hurry.

According to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Nepal needs 520,000 metric tons of chemical fertilizers annually. Similarly, according to the National Planning Commission and the Central Statistics Department, 1.2 million metric tons of chemical fertilizers are required annually. According to this, even though there is not enough fertilizer coming to Nepal, it is said that the fertilizer brought by the company is reducing the shortage.

Similarly, the managing director of the company, Karki, said that chemical fertilizers are coming at a cheaper price compared to the international market price. The price of chemical fertilizers in the international market is 1200 dollars per metric ton. However, it is said that the price of fertilizer coming to Nepal is up to 900 dollars per metric ton. According to this, the company informed that Nepal is bringing fertilizer cheaper than the international market price.

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