Instructions of the Department of Tourism: Do not build adventure tourism infrastructure without permission

The Department of Tourism has instructed not to build adventure tourism infrastructure without permission. The department has also said that action will be taken if such infrastructure and activities are carried out without following the procedures prescribed by law. Recently in Nepal, investment has increased in products like bungee jumping, swing, cannoning, sky diving, zip flying, high ropes, sky walk, paragliding, ultralight, amusement park, fun park. The department warned that it was found to be operating without renewal. The department has also warned that if such businesses are operated without registration or license renewal, the process of punishment and fine will be initiated. On the other hand, a brief environmental study report should also be passed before creating the infrastructure for such activities, which require an investment of 20 million to 50 million rupees. The department has warned that action will be taken even if it is not done.

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