And I wish I could say it, 

I wish I don’t need to be afraid to be called. 

I’m not drowsy of this body. 

Of what “they” might do,

Of what If cleavage aroused? 

I am a woman 

And I love being one.

Hold on you can freely voice your opinions, 

Your ideology is overwhelmed. 

while mine, I always have suppressed?

I am a woman

And I have my own unique style 

I have a bundle of priorities.

I want to wear what I love, 

without fear and regret. 

I want to put the makeup ,

Without being judged and discuss.

I am a woman

Why do you disgrace me for that?

Being a woman doesn’t make less of a person, 

nor does it make me your “target”.

I have the right to feel safe 

when I walk around by myself.

I am a woman,

Yes, I am.

But before that I’m also a HUMAN

Just like everyone 

And all women deserve to be treated 

with love and respect 

Because, regardless of gender or race,

Each and every one of us

Has the right….

to feel safe.

Sushila Nepal

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