China is preparing 6G Internet, 100 GB of data will be downloaded in one second

In the world of Internet, 5G Internet has been commercially launched in various developed and powerful countries of the world. After this, the attention of the rich countries of the world has been focused on the new generation wireless network, i.e. SixG network.

However, 5G internet is also a very fast internet and its speed is 20 percent more than 4G. But SixG Internet will break all these old records, in terms of speed.

It is believed that areas such as speed, latency, spectrum, artificial intelligence, cyber security and energy efficiency will be more advanced from Six C wireless internet. However, most of the third world countries are still struggling for 5G network. In this situation, it is said that China is working on the launch of 6G Internet. According to the latest report, China is also testing SixG, which is a form of ultrafast wireless internet. It is said that the download speed of SixG Internet will be 100 Gbps. That is, it will be several times faster than 5G.

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