The road to registration of vehicles manufactured in Nepal has been opened

Kathmandu. Now vehicles made in Nepal can be registered. The Transport Management Department has revised the procedure and now it is possible to register vehicles made in Nepal.
The Transport Management Department has published a notice and informed that a new point has been added under point number 11.1 of the Management Procedures Guide 2060.

In point 1 of the amendment procedure, “Regardless of what is written elsewhere in the directory, the customs declaration of such vehicle will not be required for the purpose of new registration, transfer registration, alteration registration, auction registration, re-registration and name transfer of vehicles imported from abroad and assembled in Nepal or manufactured in Nepal.” , it is mentioned.

In the second point, for the new registration of vehicles produced in Nepal, it is stipulated that the assembler or the manufacturing company must submit the value added tax invoice instead of the customs declaration, and in the case of the vehicle that attracts the provisions related to excise duty according to the prevailing law, the duty clearance form must also be submitted.

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