Balen’s warning to close the administration of 68 health institutions

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balen Shah has drawn the attention of Health and Population Minister Mohan Bahadur Basnet to take action against 68 health institutions. He has warned that if the minister does not initiate action, he himself will close the administration room of that health institution.

Mayor Shah met Minister Basnet and drew attention to take action against the 68 health institutions that did not provide the details of the discount facilities given to the underprivileged in accordance with the law, even when the metropolis asked for them.

In the Health Institution Operation Standards, 2077 and prevailing health related laws, it is mentioned that 10 percent of the total beds should be set aside for free treatment for the poor and targeted groups.

According to Mayor Shah, details of the discount facilities provided to the target group were requested from various health institutions including hospitals within the Kathmandu metropolitan area. According to Mayor Shah, 68 health institutions did not provide the details of the discount facility after issuing a notice on Jestha 6.

Mayor Shah has written on the social network, “We have requested the attention of the honorable minister to regulate and take action according to the attached details of the 68 health institutions which are not provided by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City when requesting the details related to discount facilities. If Minister Ju does not bring them under the legal framework within 7 days, then we will be forced to close the hospital administration.”

According to the Constitution of Nepal and prevailing laws, the state must guarantee the fundamental rights related to basic health.

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