Release of Taradevi Sunuwar’s ghazal collection ‘Jhulfi Foo’

Literary Taradevi Sunuwar’s collection of ghazals written in Koinch language ‘Jhulfi Foo’ has been released on Wednesday by organizing a program.
The work published by Tek Bahadur Bishnumaya Sunuwar Memorial Fund was released by Amrit Bahadur Sunuwar, Chief Hospitality and President of Sunuwar Seva Samaj, Member of Bagmati Province Assembly, Urmila Sunuwar.

Literary Taradebi Sunuwar has previously published ‘Paristhi’ poetry collection-2073, ‘Abiral’ poetry collection-2075, ‘Thun Thani’ collection in Sunuwar language-2076, ‘Desh Mapthu Voy’ poetry collection in Sunuwar language-2078, ‘Samjhanaka Phulharu’ ghazal collection-2078. , ‘Suya’ poem collection in Sunuwar language-2079 has been published. Meanwhile, Art and Literature Award-2080 awarded by Tech Bahadur Bishnumaya Sunuwar Memorial Fund-2080 has been awarded to singer Kalpana Sunuwar.Singer Sunuwar, who has been continuously active in Nepali song music for the past decade, has sung in Koinch language ‘Ge Tenga Go Tenga’ and ‘Pokali Koth Jakin’.

This award is being distributed as an incentive to one active Sunuwar in the field of art and literature every year with the aim of helping Sunuwar to promote the preservation of the Koinch language. In memory of Tek Bahadur and Bishnumaya Sunuwar, daughters Sabitri Sunuwar, Taradevi Sunuwar, sons Arjun Sunuwar and Kedarraj Sunuwar jointly donated Rs. A fund of 1 lakh 10 thousand 1 rupees was established.

Constituent Assembly member Dal Kumari Sunuwar, Nepal Pragya Prasthanjan Professor Rajan Mukarung, outgoing president of Sunuwar Seva Samaj Ranbir Sunuwar, former president Man Bahadur Sunuwar, Man Prasad Sunuwar, founding member Prem Bahadur Sunuwar, creator of ghazal collection and founder member of Memorial Fund Taradevi Sunuwar and others were present in the program. – Had his say.

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